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Tourism Strategy Makes Good Business Sense

Release Date: 17/02/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber said the NSW Government’s commitment to increase the expenditure on tourism and events will bolster Sydney’s economy, ensuring tourism remains a key employer for Sydney and a good investment for Sydney Business.
The Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Patricia Forsythe said, “Tourism is a major pillar of the Sydney economy with over $28 billion spent in NSW, so spending by the NSW government in major events and tourism will deliver a return to the economy that far exceeds the investment.”
“The goal of the policy is to increase investment to prolong visitor stays and spending, this is good news as half of international visitors to Australia travel to destinations within NSW.
“A key strategic reason for hosting major events is that they provide visitors with a reason to extend their stay or to choose Sydney over other destinations.
Mrs Forsythe said, “The proposal to provide increased funding to secure more events in Western Sydney has the strong support of business as it will help to grow and diversify employment in Sydney’s West as well as provide opportunities for people to enjoy events in their local region.
“Sydney has a strong reputation as a host city for major events and the planned increase in government expenditure will ensure that Sydney remains competitive with other event cities in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
“The recent Asian Cup gave Sydney a chance to showcase the city to international tourists and more large scale events will continue to expand the Sydney Visitor economy,” said Mrs Forsythe.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 367

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