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Time to get moving with the Western Sydney Airport

Release Date: 2/05/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney says the next step forward can now be taken following Sydney Airport’s decision not to accept the offer in the Notice of Intention to develop and operate the Western Sydney Airport. 
David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said, “The decision by Sydney Airport has provided certainty for the next chapter of the Western Sydney Airport project.
“This will be an exciting opportunity for the Federal Government to undertake the construction and operation of the new airport at Badgerys Creek.
“It’s expected that during the peak year of construction, the Western Sydney Airport will directly create 3,180 jobs and close to 9,000 jobs in the early 2030s.
“Beyond airside employment, the development of the Badgerys site will create thousands of jobs and attract significant investment in the region in future years. 
“The Chamber believes now is the time for the Federal and State Governments to come together to establish an independent, well-resourced development authority that can oversee both the construction of the Western Sydney Airport and the surrounding area. 
“The authority would help guide the project and could include responsibilities such as negotiating with carriers as well promoting the airport to businesses that would benefit from close proximity 
“Co-ordinating such an authority with the NSW Government would allow for work to begin on essential connections such as electricity, water, sewerage, fuel supplies and most importantly transport.”
“Transport infrastructure connecting the Western Sydney Airport to surrounding communities and beyond is absolutely vital for the airport’s long term success.
“We look forward to next week’s Federal Budget and its contribution to maximising the jobs benefit of an airport in Western Sydney,” Mr Borger said. 

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