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Time for positive action from local councils on amalgamations

Release Date: 30/09/2014
The Sydney Business Chamber has called for local mayors and councillors to look for opportunities in council amalgamations to create stronger local communities.
The Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said, “The comments by new Parramatta Lord Mayor, Scott Lloyd, that Parramatta needed new boundaries without indicating that he had any agenda to take action and that he opposed forced amalgamations, does nothing to lift the standard of local government.
“Leadership is needed by elected mayors and councillors across Sydney now that there are incentives for amalgamated councils from the NSW Government.
“With population growth predicted for the City of Parramatta and its emergence as the second Sydney CBD, there is an excellent case for the adjoining councils to be part of an expanded city so that these residents can contribute to the emerging dynamic region.
Mrs Forsythe said, “I agree with comments attributed to the Parramatta Lord Mayor, not all of Ryde should form part of a future City of Parramatta. A good case can be made for a realigned and renamed Ryde Council around the dynamic precincts of Macquarie Park and Macquarie University, which could include other councils like Lane Cove and Hunters Hill.”
Every recent review of local government has recognised that Sydney with 41 Councils is in need of consolidation and should be better aligned with the Metropolitan Strategy that defines residential and employment targets.
Mrs Forsythe called on the Lord Mayor of Parramatta to take leadership on the issue and test the views of adjoining Councils.

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