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The Powerhouse Museum Should Go West

Release Date: 29/10/2014
The Sydney Business Chamber has proposed relocating the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta to provide Western Sydney with better access to science and technology education.
David Borger, Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “Parramatta is now the demographic centre of Sydney. People of the West deserve a first class cultural institution that will also have the capacity to drive visits from people from all parts of Sydney.
“Currently the NSW Arts budget allocates at most three per cent to Western Sydney, yet we are 30% of the NSW population.
“It’s time to rebalance our cultural capital. By 2021 more people will live in Western Sydney than Eastern Sydney.
“The Powerhouse with its focus on science and design is more likely to be visited by students than tourists. If the Museum is serious about increasing student visitation then a move to the West makes great sense.
“The Powerhouse can play an important role in lifting our children’s interest in science and maths education, these are areas that are critical to Australia’s future as we become less reliant in mining and manufacturing. The University of Western Sydney could be an excellent partner for the Museum as it increases its impact in education.
“Cultural investment contributes to the social and economic fabric of communities; the Powerhouse Museum would enhance educational outcomes and help to stimulate the visitor economy in Western Sydney.
“This is a good long term business and social investment for the Government to ensure Western Sydney is a place where people not only work, but also want to live,” said Borger.
Media contact: David Borger 0408 239 262 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 367

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