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The Next Phase for WestConnex

Release Date: 20/11/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber has welcomed the release of an updated business case for WestConnex, as well as another milestone in the M4 Widening project.
David Borger, Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “Completing Sydney’s motorway system will improve the productivity of the city. The main source of funding will be user charges, allowing greater public investment in new public transport projects. 
“Business case modelling of the Parramatta Road corridor indicates some significant amenity improvements due to reduced truck traffic and the introduction of as yet unspecified public transport lanes.
“While Parramatta Road will not be a retail nirvana we were expecting, improvements will allow new higher density neighbourhoods in streets behind the roadway. This will add housing supply in areas close to jobs and transport in places like Granville.
“WestConnex will remove up to 10,000 trucks per day from Parramatta Road east of Concord, this will be a significant first step in creating a new corridor for the region, which will see improved air quality and a more efficient traffic flow.
“There will be a significant improvement in the route from Parramatta and Sydney Airport, with the journey undergoing a 40 minute reduction by 2031.
“Western Sydney is set to benefit with over 10,000 new jobs created during construction, injecting more than $20 billion in economic benefits to the region.
“In 10 years, Sydney will house another one million people and WestConnex is an integral part of easing the $5 billion wasted in Sydney each year on congestion.
“Together with Light rail west, CBD and south east, new Sydney Metro, expanding bus train and ferry networks, new cycling and walking links, the government has a plan to keep Sydney moving and WestConnex plays a vital role in this link,” said Mr Borger.

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