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Taxi Commissionaires dressing up for Christmas

Release Date: 9/12/2014
The NSW Taxi Council today unveiled a new look for its Taxi Commissionaires, just in time for the busy Christmas season.
Commissionaires are Sydney’s valued taxi rank concierges ensuring safe and orderly access onto ranks and into taxis during the busiest times. The new look highlights the professional approach of NSW Taxi Council Commissionaires and also promotes a distinctly Australian look for the city.
CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Roy Wakelin-King, said that taxis are adapting to changes in what customers want and the industry is well prepared for the busy Christmas-New Year holiday period.
“Sydney is a global city with thousands of tourists and locals frequenting our city to enjoy the festive season,” he said.
“Commissionaires offer a safe, orderly, customer-friendly point of reference with locals and international visitors alike.
“With people from all over the world visiting our city throughout the year, we recognise there are different customs, language barriers and expectations about how taxi ranks operate and what constitutes good customer service.
“Our commissionaires are very popular and offer a common point of reference in welcoming visitors with a smile and good customer service.
“Our feedback is that international visitors as well as locals love the akubra hats and Australian theme uniforms of our friendly Taxi Commissionaires.”
Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The significance of the approach is not about new uniforms but this is a symbol of being customer focused which will be appreciated by locals and tourists alike.”

“This initiative is a welcome addition to the tourist experience and will reinforce the view that Sydney is a great place to visit,” she said.

“The NSW Taxi Commissionaires also help locals this festive season who will no doubt be looking for transport at different times of the day and night.”
In an independent survey of 34,000 taxi customers facilitated by Transport NSW in October 2014, overall satisfaction with taxi services rose from 79% to 81% and the NSW Taxi Council is committed to continuing this trend.
“Having our Commissionaires out and about on the street meeting the locals and tourists is just one of the ways taxis are evolving and providing great customer service which promotes Sydney as a safe, friendly and attractive destination,” Mr Wakelin-King said.
In preparation for using taxis in the busy festive season, everyone should:
“It is a busy time of the year for our industry and we will be working hard to get you home.”
“Please be patient and remember that your driver is working hard to get you to your destination safely.”
Media Contact: Andrew McBride - 0401 615 485

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