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Sydney to Benefit from a New Seat at the Table

Release Date: 21/09/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber has applauded the new role of Minister for Cities and the Built Environment, in the new Ministry announced by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, as recognition that cities like Sydney are the engine room of Australia’s economy.
Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Patricia Forsythe said, “We welcome all Ministers to the Coalition Government and are looking forward to working closely with the newly appointed Minister for Cities and the Built Environment, Jamie Briggs.
“Last month it was revealed that NSW has added over the past six months almost 25 per cent more jobs than the rest of the nation combined, and most of these were in Sydney.
“Sydney and indeed other cities around Australia have been recognised as the powerhouses driving Australia’s economy and creating jobs for the continually growing population.
“According to the NSW Government, by 2031, Sydney’s economic output will almost double to $565 billion a year and there will be 689,000 new jobs.
“Sydney has many cranes in the sky and infrastructure investment is at an all-time high. Proper planning is essential to ensure long term prosperity.
“A Minister for Cities demonstrates the importance of cities to the economy and the imperative of getting the planning right.
“We look forward to working closely with the new government on issues that affect Sydney such as the new Western Sydney Airport,” said Mrs Forsythe.

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