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Sydney can manage light rail delays

Release Date: 9/08/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber has described the delay in completing key CBD light rail construction zones prior to Christmas as regrettable but unavoidable given the extraordinary amount of previously unclaimed utilities found during the underground exploration.
The Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said, “Sydney has shown resilience during the construction and the delay is unlikely to present a major set-back to business given the commitment of the light rail team to reactivate their Christmas program including pop-up stores and the golden Christmas tree.”
“Christmas is the major retail season and whilst it was hoped that the George Street retail heart in zones 5 and 6 would be free of hoardings and the associated issues that come with the project, completing the project is the highest priority.
“The discovery of over 300 pieces of previously unidentified pieces of infrastructure are an indication of the magnitude and complexity of the project and the impact of unforeseen circumstances.
“Light rail is only one of many construction projects impacting on the CBD including other key transport projects such as the upgrading of Town Hall and Wynyard Stations.
“Creating a city for the 21st Century cannot happen without a period of construction and disruption but as the decluttering of the rail station concourses is showing the benefits are being enjoyed by all.
“Transport for NSW and the light rail team has consulted key businesses about the delay and has committed to working closely with impacted businesses to ensure the Sydney CBD maintains its reputation as a vibrant shopping district.”
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466 or Luke Aitken 0423 356 092

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