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Sydney Business Chamber praises Mike Baird’s service to NSW

Release Date: 19/01/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber has acknowledged the out-going Premier of NSW Mike Baird as a leader who has left a positive mark on Sydney as a vibrant business centre with a secure future.
Sydney Business Chamber Executive Director Patricia Forsythe said, “Mike Baird came into office to make a difference and his strong focus on major infrastructure projects through his asset recycling approach has been a key feature of lifting NSW to number one on all key economic indicators in Australia.
“Sydney is thriving because of the billions of dollars of infrastructure projects underway and the confidence the NSW Government has given to business to invest in Sydney and its future.
“Mike Baird made a positive impact and worked hard to make Sydney a global and competitive city.
“The outgoing Premier led a Government that transformed this state and he will leave a lasting legacy behind,” Mrs Forsythe said. 
Sydney Business Chamber Western Sydney Director David Borger said a number of transformative projects were announced by the Baird Government that had the potential to generate growth and jobs for Western Sydney.
“It is important the new Premier of NSW maintains the Government’s commitment to the projects that are transforming the Western Sydney economy and creating a stronger liveable community including building the new Parramatta Powerhouse Museum, Sydney West Metro, Parramatta light rail and support for an aerotropolis around Badgerys Creek airport.
“These projects are critical for Western Sydney and I hope the new Premier and the new team continue on with these,” Mr Borger said. 

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