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Sydney Business Celebrates Vivid Extension

Release Date: 17/02/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber has described the proposal to extend Vivid Sydney for an extra week in June as a bonus for Sydney business that already reaps a multi-million dollar return from the festival.
Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said, “After seven years Vivid Sydney is the festival that just keeps on giving to Sydney.
“More than any other single activity the festival has allowed Sydney to rightly claim to be the city of creative industries within the Asia Pacific, with Vivid Sydney the centre piece for business events and activities that showcase the development of the sector.
“With visitor numbers growing year-on-year businesses in the CBD in particular are reaping enormous benefits, whether it is an ice cream shop at Circular Quay or a five star hotel, the impact of 1.7 million visitors is significant.
“Extending the festival for a week and taking it to new venues, such as Taronga Zoo will increase the economic impact of Vivid Sydney.
“Airlines, hotels, retailers and restaurants will be the big winners from the extension of the festival which is underpinning Sydney’s reputation for delivering high quality major events across the year.
“In just seven years Vivid Sydney has attracted the attention of the world as an annual event that is both about fun and entertainment but with a significant message about the importance of Sydney’s creative industries.
“The government deserves congratulations for its on-going commitment to Vivid Sydney and there is no doubt that its decision to extend the festival by a week will be welcomed by Sydney businesses,” said Mrs Forsythe.

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