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Statement on Sydney Airport by Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber

Release Date: 3/04/2014

“It’s time to acknowledge that Sydney Airport has embarked on a strong program of continuous improvement across its airport facilities including terminals and the airfield.

“That of course, does not stop the ACCC and some in the media for continuing to play the regular game of ‘beating up’ Australia’s airports, and Sydney Airport, in particular.

“Sydney Airport has an extensive capital upgrade program underway which has seen over $1 billion spent each five years over the past decade, with a similar amount of investment planned for the future.

“The land-side congestion at Sydney Airport is acknowledged and is part of the current five year planning program, but the concerns around congestion and car parking show why the NSW Government needs to change its stand on the high access fee that is levied on public transport. The Sydney Business Chamber has been a leading voice on this issue for many years.”

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