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Simpler and faster planning outcomes

Release Date: 9/01/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber has acknowledged proposed reforms to the state planning system will make it easier and faster to build a home by simplifying planning processes.
Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “Changes to the NSW planning laws will help unlock development and assist in addressing the acute housing affordability challenges facing Sydney.”
The State Government today released its proposed amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, in a bid to make it easier to build a home and to target council delays.
“These changes will make planning more consistent and straight-forward throughout the state but not at the cost of the community having appropriate levels of input.
“It is significant for business certainty that the Government is making moves to reduce planning delays through encouragement of upfront consultation and engagement in the setting of strategic plans by local councils.
“With development application approvals in Sydney taking three times as long as Brisbane, the changes will help Sydney pick up the pace in meeting the vital housing demands of our growing city.”
In September last year the NSW Business Chamber released its annual Red Tape Survey and called on the Government to demonstrate a stronger commitment to regulatory reform and re-examine its approach to reduce the burden of red tape. 
Respondents found the Department of Planning and local councils to be the most complex state agencies to deal with, the survey revealed. 
“These proposed reforms are an important step forward in addressing the red tape challenges associated with planning and development in NSW.
“New mechanisms introduced for the Department of Planning to cut through unnecessary delays by councils or state agencies will help ensure that these reforms increase the availability of new housing across NSW,” Mrs Forsythe said.

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