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Rebuilding NSW highlights the benefits of leasing poles and wires

Release Date: 25/11/2014
The Sydney Business Chamber has described the Rebuilding NSW report released today as a strong and visionary plan that will confirm Sydney as one of the World’s great cities.
With transport as its centre piece, the report recognises that what is holding Sydney back in world rankings is the lack of transport infrastructure, and that with a focus on public transport and key road projects, the congestion that costs the economy up to $5billion annually can be addressed.
Patricia Forsythe the Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The time frame identified for projects, such as the Second Harbour Crossing  with construction identified to commence in 2017 instead of the 20 year time-frame identified in 2012, shows the absolute importance of the Government’s strategy in leasing 49% of the State’s Poles and Wires.
“The focus on the Arts, including a commitment to an indigenous cultural centre at Barangaroo and the expansion of the Art Gallery of NSW, will address a gap in the Sydney Arts offering that is important not only for locals, but to grow the Sydney visitor economy.
“Sydney is already the Nation’s economic powerhouse with major construction projects across the City creating thousands of jobs. Today’s report built on the poles and wires’ strategy is an indicator of the positive opportunities successful leasing can achieve.
Mrs Forsythe said, “The key priorities identified in the report,  including education and health projects, together with the transport and arts and sport proposals suggests that the whole community will derive major benefits from the plans.
“The challenge for Sydney has always been managing its growth and for too long infrastructure was slowing development. What the Rebuilding NSW strategy has shown is that with a focussed commitment and funds drawn from leasing the poles and wires the state’s infrastructure bottlenecks can be overcome.
“The challenge for the State Opposition will be to demonstrate how doing nothing can deliver the infrastructure Sydney needs in a time frame that matches the government’s commitments,” said Mrs Forsythe.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 367

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