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Rail Link to Western Sydney Airport Critical to Success

Release Date: 4/08/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber says long term thinking is needed when planning for the Western Sydney Airport and rail access is a crucial element to its operation.
The Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, David Borger said, “We are calling on the Federal Government to re-examine the transport links to the Western Sydney Airport. Access by road alone is completely unsustainable and rail should be the default mode of transport.
“Recent comments by the Federal Government that there would be no rail access at the time of the Western Sydney Airport opening are disappointing.
“Sydney is already playing catch-up with our road system, to imagine this is the only planned to access to Western Sydney’s first international airport is incomprehensible.
“In May this year, we hosted two international aviation and planning experts who both said that improving the speed and reliability of transport networks is crucial to the Airport’s success.
“In a report analysing the future of the Western Sydney Airport, academic and author, Dr John Kasarda said passengers need to access the Western Sydney Airport in no more than 45 minutes.
“I can’t imagine how a bus from Sydney city could ever get to the Badgerys Creek site in 45 minutes, when it can take 45 minutes to travel just 5km from the CBD in peak traffic.
“We can’t afford to squander this opportunity, it is critical we address this connection problem for the Western Sydney Airport to be a sustainable.
“Western Sydney has been promised an international airport to act as a jobs engine and create long term employment opportunities for Western Sydney; the announcement that no rail line will link this Airport to Sydney city is extremely disappointing.
“Without a proper rail connection, the Western Sydney Airport is in danger of becoming white elephant, we deserve better,” said Borger.
Media contact: David Borger 0408 239 262 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 367

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