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Proposed metro development sets an important benchmark

Release Date: 17/03/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber says the proposed new metro station at Martin Place is a good example of how stations should function in a competitive global city.
“With two commercial towers proposed to be built above the new station and inclusion of a strong retail component, the Martin Place metro is an ideal model for all future metro station development opportunities such as at the Central Station precinct,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“Realising the economic value and creating new places by a development above the station at the same time as constructing the new metro station will create a new vibrant and bustling precinct for commuters and office workers and achieve the desired goal of integrating transport planning with broader city goals.

“This metro will service the thousands of passengers who will use the train daily to travel into the CBD and will further enhance Sydney’s liveability and its goal towards being a competitive global city.

“The all-weather walkway from Martin Place to Hunter Street that is included in the proposal is a welcome aspect to this development as it will easily connect users to other areas of the city,” Mrs Forsythe said.

“From light rail at the western-end of Martin Place to the new Metro station at the east, it is clear that transport projects are the building blocks of major urban renewal opportunities and helping Sydney to achieve its potential as one where public transport plays a stronger role in shaping development.”

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