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Prime Minister right to focus on city density

Release Date: 16/03/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber has applauded Prime Minister Turnbull’s focus on ’30 minute cities’ and believes it could herald bold opportunities for Sydney.
“I listened to the Prime Minister speaking to the ABC this morning and was enthused and excited about his vision for cities like Sydney,” Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said.
“For some time now, the Sydney Business Chamber has been articulating the need for a better integration of transport infrastructure along with key learning and employment centres.
“While some may see the Prime Minister’s plan for everyone to be 30 minutes away from their work or studies as a pipedream, it’s only through articulating a vision that the appropriate planning can be put in place.
“Anyone who has travelled and spent time in the great cities of the world know that getting the people to and from work and university is a major part of their infrastructure – for too long Sydney has been behind the times.
“Everyone in Sydney should welcome his commitment that the Government would only fund co-ordinated plans, and the days of the blank cheque from a Federal Government for projects that aren’t properly integrated are over,” Mrs Forsythe said.

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