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Parramatta Light Rail preferred route good news for Western Sydney

Release Date: 17/02/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney says the NSW Government’s announcement on the preferred Parramatta light rail route was good news for the region.
David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said “We are pleased the Parramatta Light Rail route now has a timeframe and certainty.
“This preferred route picks up the major population centres and we will see a wave of new investment following this infrastructure,” he said.
Stage one of the light rail project will include the Parramatta CBD connect to Westmead, Rosehill Racecourse, Dundas, Camelia and Telopea.
“This project is the next step in transforming Parramatta into a world-class city.
“The Chamber welcomes the State Government’s commitment to finalise the Sydney Olympic Park route this year as part of the second stage of construction.
“Sydney Olympic Park is an important precinct in Sydney and is challenged by an inefficient train service.
“The precinct needs both light rail and metro to succeed and we fully support the second stage,” Mr Borger said.

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