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New Bus Fleet to Improve Travel

Release Date: 13/06/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber says it is good news for Sydney commuters that improved bus services are a priority in next week’s State Budget.
“The NSW Government’s announcement today that six double-deck buses will soon replace some bendy buses is a positive step for Sydney commuters and motorists, given the impact bendy buses have on the flow of traffic on Sydney roads,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.
“Bendy buses are one of the causes of Sydney traffic congestion despite their capacity to carry many passengers, due to the reality that many buses get caught on intersections at the change of lights due to their length.
“Despite the resources being committed to light rail and the new metro system, it is pleasing to note that bus services have been acknowledged as playing a vital role in the transport network.
“Sydney’s growing population calls for additional bus services and it is good to see that 42 extra buses and 3,300 more services a week will be funded in the upcoming NSW Budget.
“For Sydney to remain a competitive global city the focus on easing congestion for commuters and business must remain a priority for government through upgrading existing services as well as introducing new services.
“Macquarie Park and Sydney Olympic Park are booming precincts and new and improved bus services announced today will greatly benefit the thousands of workers and residents and strengthen the business case for increased developments in these areas,” Mrs Forsythe said.

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