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Light Rail a Priority for Parramatta

Release Date: 20/02/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber has welcomed the announcement, that if elected in March, the Labor government would invest $1billion in a Parramatta Light Rail project.
David Borger, Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “Bipartisan support for any form of rail has often eluded Western Sydney.
“The Epping to Parramatta heavy rail link struggled to find support from both major parties and as a result did not proceed to completion.
“Parramatta Light Rail has many supporters in business and the community, it is a far cheaper option and is one that should proceed no matter which side of government is elected in March,” said Mr Borger.
However, the Sydney Business Chamber is concerned that the Parramatta Light Rail could be funded by the deferral of reductions to a range of taxes on business.
“Using proceeds from the lease of metropolitan ‘poles and wires’ is the preferred method for funding essential transport, health and other infrastructure projects,” said Mr Borger.
Media contact: David Borger 0408 239 262 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 367

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