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Lift the Cap on Sydney Airport

Release Date: 17/02/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber says it is time the cap on the number of planes that can fly into Sydney Airport is relaxed to keep NSW number one as Australia's tourist and business travel destination.
The Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Patricia Forsythe said, "It makes no sense to tie up Sydney Airport in red tape given its importance as an economic enabler within the Australian economy."
“With international tourist interest in Australia at record highs, the Federal Government must take the hand brake off the airport. 
“Limiting the number of aircraft movements in 15 minute slots means the agility the airport requires to respond to adverse weather in Sydney or elsewhere on the network is not possible.
"International visitation into Sydney is at a 12 year high and has every likelihood of growing especially from Asia, but the favourable position of the Australian dollar is also an incentive to big markets such as the United States - not relaxing the cap to allow more flights is economic madness," Mrs Forsythe said.
“It is time for the sun to set on the regulations drawn up at the height of a politically charged campaign in the 1990s and give Sydney and the airport the best chance to flourish and succeed.
“Sydney is thriving as a service-based economy and the Federal Government must back Sydney as Australia's global city,” Mrs Forsythe said.

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