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Housing Package a Good Plan for Sydney

Release Date: 1/06/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney says the NSW Government’s housing package is a great first step forward in addressing housing affordability in Sydney.
David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said, “This package shows that housing affordability is everyone’s problem.
“The package proposes a range of measures that will help homebuyers break into the market and start to drive an increase in supply sorely needed from councils and developers.
“It is imperative councils work with the NSW Government to help meet housing targets.
“For far too long state and local governments have been dancing to a different tune when it comes to the delivery of new housing.
“The plan announced today should help increase the focus on coordination between state and local governments in ensuring that new housing is not just planned for but actually delivered.
“The NSW Government needs to be prepared to step in when councils fail to meet housing completion thresholds,” he said.
Mr Borger said the Government’s initiatives, which encouraged medium density housing such as townhouses, were sensible.
“We have been talking about townhouses as the ‘missing middle’ for some time and councils should not be given the choice of opting out of new rules.
“These initiatives will help to further diversify Sydney’s housing stock and will give people a greater choice in the housing market.
“The Chamber welcomes the new commitment to Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels but is concerned these panels will not be mandatory for all councils.
“Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels have been voluntary for some time and only a few councils have adopted them so far. 
“If they work, they should be the rule and not the exception in planning assessment.
“Overall the package is a big step forward but we need to remain bold in our approach if we are serious about shifting the needle on housing supply and addressing Sydney’s affordability crisis.”

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