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Council amalgamations will help Sydney shape future growth

Release Date: 12/05/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber says the New South Wales Government’s decision to proceed with local council amalgamations is a win for the business community that has long argued that having 41 councils undermines Sydney’s capacity to shape and manage its growth as a competitive global city.
Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said, “The NSW Government should be congratulated for addressing the issue of the over government of Sydney and its strong determination to create a governance framework that reflects the needs of a growing, global city.
“Reducing the number of councils in Sydney will support the work of the Greater Sydney Commission in developing district plans that shape each region’s economy, and ensure the amalgamated Sydney councils are stronger and better equipped to deliver improvements in infrastructure and service delivery.
“Cities are the core of the nation’s economic activity and yet the capacity for business in Sydney to grow and employ more people is demonstrably hamstrung by inefficiencies at council level.
“Managing growth requires a better coordinated response to infrastructure renewal and asset management which is best achieved where councils have scale and adequate resources.
“Cities across the world have faced the same issues as Sydney and have taken the step to consolidate their local councils. Proceeding with the council amalgamations will ensure that Sydney remains an attractive place to do business and the engine room of the NSW economy.
“The time for community opposition and resistance has passed and communities should look to the positive contribution the amalgamated councils will make in creating an exciting, prosperous and liveable Sydney,” Mrs Forsythe said.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466

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