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Christmas is Coming to George Street

Release Date: 23/09/2015
The Sydney Business Chamber has described the activation plans for George Street in the Christmas period as a big win for business and a big win for Sydney.
Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said, “Far from being a construction zone where visitors will be discouraged the business activation strategy for the light rail construction zones has put attracting visitors at the centre of the strategy.
The plans announced today are the result of a strong process of consultation between Transport for NSW, the light rail project team, City of Sydney and key business groups who have worked together on ideas that will send a clear message that Sydney is well and truly open-for-business.
Mrs Forsythe said, “The Sydney Business Chamber hosted a workshop in January with key transport executives, Small Business Commissioner, City of Sydney and business representatives and today’s plans are the culmination of ideas that emerged at the workshop.
“The goal is to show the world that Sydney cannot only manage multiple major construction projects but can remain a vibrant and exciting place to work, live and visit.
“Today’s announcement shows the benefit that a strong collaboration process can achieve.
“Christmas 2015 will have much to offer across the CBD anchored by the City of Sydney’s Christmas tree in Martin Place and now a new attraction will be the tree on George Street just metres from where construction will be under way.
“No-one is down-playing the impact of the light rail construction and the associated changes in CBD transport but the shared vision is that throughout the construction period local businesses will remain strong and viable,” said Mrs Forsythe.
Mrs Forsythe thanked everyone at Transport for NSW who have worked to achieve an outcome that recognises that for retailers Christmas is their most important time and managing with nearby construction was potentially their worst nightmare.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466 or Kate Bryant 0424 186 3

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