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Callinan review a step in the right direction

Release Date: 14/09/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber has welcomed the release of the Hon Ian Callinan’s independent review into the state’s liquor laws as a step in the right direction but has called on the Government to look towards better ways to achieve both a safe and vibrant Sydney.
Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The liquor law package introduced in 2014 provided a range of restrictions including lock outs, last drinks and restrictions on alcohol sales.
“It was an extensive package of reforms and while appropriate at the time, with so many restrictions introduced, two years down the track; it’s hard to see which parts are being effective.
“The Chamber has heard feedback from many businesses that have been negatively impacted by the changes – not just bars and restaurants but also retailers and suppliers.
“Justice Callinan’s suggestion that easing some of the restrictions is the right approach - however just shifting the operating times of lock outs and last drinks misses the point that some of the regulatory approaches currently in place need to be examined more closely.
“The immediate removal of lock outs for all venues for a period of six months, while retaining last drinks, would provide the opportunity to see whether lock outs are actually effective and give venue operators the opportunity to prove their commitment to a safe and vibrant late night economy.
“Business is in lock step on the need to keep people safe in the city – we believe however that there’s got to be a more sensible way to achieve it than what is currently in place.” said Mrs Forsythe.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466

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