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An exciting way forward for Greater Sydney

Release Date: 21/11/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber has described the newly released Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft District Plans as an exciting vision for Sydney’s future.
Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The draft plans, released today, will help guide Sydney’s jobs, planning and housing policies and present a fresh approach to the issue of coordinated strategic planning across the whole Sydney Basin.
“These plans give an insight into how we can make Greater Sydney an integrated and global city, by identifying where jobs need to go and where further planning and development is needed.
“The idea of 30-minute cities is to enable workers to access a wide-range of jobs and services in areas in which they live and it will also give businesses better access to a broad range of skilled employees,” Mrs Forsythe said.
Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber David Borger, said, “The plans project that there will be 817,000 extra jobs in 20 years, so we have to find ways to get workers to those jobs.
“We will need to see a tsunami of infrastructure delivered over the next 20 years in order to deliver jobs, so I’d like to see a clear infrastructure agenda.
“People from Western Sydney are travelling up to four hours a day to work, so generating more jobs closer to their homes is a smart strategy to address this issue.
“The affordable housing strategy addressed in the draft plans is designed to help support low income earners and is a vital solution to one of the issues that challenges Sydney’s competitiveness.
“If we do not create more affordable housing then we will see an exodus from Sydney to lower cost cities,” Mr Borger said.
Media contact: Patricia Forsythe 0418 165 466 or David Borger 0408 239 262

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