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ANZ Stadium Transformation Overdue

Release Date: 4/04/2016
The Sydney Business Chamber said it’s time the NSW Government committed to a rectangular reconfiguration at ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park.
David Borger, Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The stadium is in danger of not being properly utilized, if not transformed.  
“This mirrors Olympic boss John Coates’ comments in today’s Australian newspaper where he voiced concerns that if the stadium is not reconfigured it will be underutilized.
“In fact, the very future of Sydney’s Olympic precinct could be jeopardized if there is not adequate investment in ANZ Stadium.
“The NSW Government should take the advice of Australia’s, and one of the world’s leading sports administrators, who knows all about the Olympic legacy and the best use of stadium precincts internationally.
“Rugby league’s geographic heart is in Western Sydney; the NRL Clubs want to play there, and fans want to watch the game close to home. Western Sydney’s NRL fans need a world class venue and the ANZ redevelopment plans create just that – in fact it was described recently as Sydney’s ‘Wembley’.
“ANZ Stadium is an integral part of the Western Sydney economy and must be a central cog in the Government’s stadia strategy.
“We also know the community wants this. A recent report: Sydney Sporting Stadium Community Survey, prepared for the Sydney Business Chamber, found the vast majority (84%) want Sydney to have a world-class stadium than can hold 70,000 to 80,000 people for major events.
“The worldwide trend for sporting stadia is to build them where the people are, and in Sydney’s case, that means Western Sydney, where there is a bold vision for business redevelopment and growth around the precinct of Sydney Olympic Park.
“If reconfigured, the Stadium could also upgrade into an attractive entertainment precinct, it would no longer be a game-only destination. It could have 365 trading days a year for bars, cafes and restaurants. This is what Western Sydney needs; investment in entertainment precincts creates a sense of community and local jobs.
“Investment in reconfiguration of the stadium comes at the right time; ANZ will also soon have better transport access, with the construction of WestConnex and the Parramatta Light Rail,” Mr Borger said.
Media contact: David Borger 0408 239 262 or Damian Kelly 0401 773 825

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