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A Win for Good Governance Principles

Release Date: 14/02/2017
The Sydney Business Chamber has congratulated the NSW Government on the announcement that it will proceed with the merging of Sydney councils.
The Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Patricia Forsythe, said, “It is irrefutable that Sydney is over-governed by global standards.
“To be a competitive global city, local government mergers were a vital step to achieving greater efficiency and resolving the complex web of local standards.”
The Sydney Business Chamber has argued the case for local government reform for a decade and acknowledged that despite the strong business support not everyone in the community had grasped the benefits.
“In 2009 a KPMG report commissioned by the Sydney Business Chamber found Sydney’s level of governance should be strengthened and condensed.
“Reports from merged councils show a strong pattern of savings emerging, which suggest that one reason for the reduction in the number of councils is being achieved.
“Councils that have merged are showing the benefit of working as one and the announcement by the Northern Beaches council that it would create a new coastal walkway from Manly to Palm Beach for the benefit of locals and visitors is a case in point.
“Business needs to join with the government and work with local communities to assist them to understand the benefits of the policy which will give the Greater Sydney Commission a better chance to achieve the strategic planning goals needed to support a growing and changing Sydney
“The proposal by the former Minister for Planning to move forward with planning reform must also be given priority by the Berejiklian Government, including the proposal to introduce a standardised format for development control plans across councils which is one of the frustrating elements for business of every council doing their own thing in terms of DCP standards,” Mrs Forsythe said.

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