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A Jobs Magnet for Western Sydney

Release Date: 21/12/2016
The relocation of Government jobs to Parramatta will be a catalyst for attracting private sector firms to the region and will stimulate the local retail economy, according to the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney.

David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said, “What is significant about this announcement is that these Government jobs will have the potential to entice a huge number of private sector businesses to Parramatta.

“Professional services firms aim to be located close to Government departments. “Parramatta is becoming a jobs magnet; this is pay day for Parramatta,” he said.

The State Government today announced that at least 4,000 public service roles would be based at 4 Parramatta Square.

The development, by Walker Corporation, will include around 2,500 roles from the Department of Planning and Environment, with around 1,600 of those roles relocating directly from Sydney’s CBD.

It will also include the co-location of around 1,600 Department of Finance, Services and Innovation roles that are already located in Western Sydney.

The jobs will be housed in office accommodation of 62,000 square metres.

“This will be one of the largest-ever government agency leasing commitments in Western Sydney and will mean that Parramatta Square will see more than 10,000 people employed on one block.”

Mr Borger said it was clear from today’s announcement that Parramatta was becoming the centre for Government in NSW and that it made sense for Government departments to locate offices close to each other.

“This decision will have a significant impact on retail and other services in the city thanks to the thousands of people who will soon be working in Parramatta,” he said.

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