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Energy Comparison Scheme Savings Pass Big Threshold

Release Date: 9/08/2018
After only just over four weeks in the market, businesses in NSW have, through the free “NSW Business Energy Comparison” tool, identified over $1,000,000 in annual energy savings, according to the State’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber.
Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said this is helping businesses here in the Hunter and across NSW in a significant way.
“This fantastic scheme was piloted in the Hunter region some months back and following the initial success has was launched to business members, non-members and the general public. The good news just keeps flowing.
“Advocating for affordable and reliable energy has been a priority of the Chamber for a long time, aiming to reduce excessive network costs and concentration of wholesale and retail markets.
“What we are really surprised to find is the complexity of quotes that businesses and residents receive when they make independent enquiries through the energy providers. These quotes make it almost impossible to work out whether you’re on the best deal or not.
“The Chamber consistently gets feedback from business that energy costs are ‘top three’ in their concerns. We’re determined that, while we keep lobbying for long term changes in the energy market in reliability and reduction in prices, we should help businesses and the community in finding the best deal possible.
“As the trusted representative of the business community we have developed a platform that is very easy, very quick and free of charge – allowing us to compare offers in the market and get people on the best deal immediately. Locally we’ve had individual businesses already save over $9,000 per year,” Bob said.
The solution allows a business and the community to submit their latest bill online at and request either an email or phone call to obtain an energy comparison.
“On average we’re saving businesses about $1,500 per annum on their bills, but there are some big energy consumers such as bakeries and car dealers who are saving over $20,000 per year. We’ve saved participating residents over $400 per year on average.
“The Chamber does not believe there is any point waiting for your current provider to call you and offer a discount. It doesn’t always happen. If however, our action through comparison prompts a reaction from the retailer, that’s got to be a good thing,” Bob said.

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