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Chamber acknowledges Council’s move to Newcastle West

Release Date: 8/12/2017
The Hunter Business Chamber today acknowledged Newcastle City Council’s intention to move to Newcastle West.
Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said that administrative functions within the City of Newcastle have changed substantially over a number of years.
“Council has spread operations across a number of buildings and sites, and we  nderstand that this can give rise to potential inefficiencies in day-to-day operations. This move to bring more people and working groups back together in one location gives the prospect of improving efficiency and productivity, which will deliver benefit to local  businesses and the wider community.
“The Chamber notes that no formal decision has been made about the future of the
‘round building’ and the Frederick Ash Building that will be vacated; they’re iconic sites and we’re eager to understand Council’s intentions regarding the reuse of these properties.
“We also recognise that parts of the City’s administration units use Newcastle City Hall and it is an important stand-alone business – think of the myriad of high school
formals, graduations, functions and business events held there every year. It’s envisaged that Newcastle City Hall will continue to be used in this manner if the Council Chambers are relocated.
“There are other possible benefits from the relocation, similar to what we’ve experienced with the recently completed University of Newcastle’s NeW Space facility.
“The location Council has earmarked is close to the heart of the emerging ‘city west precinct’. Nearby developments include Newcastle Interchange, and the City Holden site and the Store Building which are currently being developed. It’s understandable why Council has seen this as a viable location to set-up offices after 40 years in their current location,” Bob said.

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