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Blinkered View Of The Hunter In 20 Year Vision

Release Date: 31/07/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber has responded positively to the state government’s 20 year economic vision for regional New South Wales released yesterday, but questions how the vision can be effectively delivered in the Hunter when Newcastle is excluded.
“There has been considerable anticipation on how the government was going to invest the $4.2 billion proceeds of the Snowy Hydro legacy fund and this is a great start,” said Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes.
“The driver of the vision is that well supported and productive regions can do much more to power the New South Wales and national economies.
“This commitment to regions is great to see, but how can this be done properly in the Hunter when Newcastle is effectively partitioned from its surrounding hinterland?
“Government needs to provide further detail on how it will support the Hunter over the next 20 years, not just from this round of initiatives, but also how the region can best be positioned to benefit from the Hunter Regional Plan and the forthcoming Greater Newcastle Metropolitan plan.
“We participated in the workshops to research and understand the functional economic regions and these took particular time to identify catalyst projects that will drive economic growth and job creation in the regions.
“The Chamber believes the latest vision underscores the need for government and business to identify and understand the linking piece between the significance of regional capitals like Newcastle and Wollongong and how these centres best work in their regions to generate the best outcome.
“This is why, together with the Illawarra Business Chamber, we are developing the concept of Major Regional Economic Centres to provide focus for growth and investment across our great regions,” Bob said.

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