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NSW Business Chamber Events

NSW Business Chamber delivers various seminars & workshops on important topics such as Industrial Relations & WHS Legislation across the state. The workplace landscape continues to change for employers. 

Members seeking advice on HR and IR issues should phone the Workplace Advice Line on 13 29 59.


Workplace Update Seminar: Are your casuals really casual?

More businesses are being found in breach of their employer obligations, and it’s only getting worse.

Last year, the Fair Work Ombudsman responded to a staggering 385,700 enquiries (73% higher on the previous year), with the majority of employee issues relating to entitlements and termination.

The trip wire of non-compliance is found in the complexity of Fair Work legislation, with employers and managers struggling to cover the complex detail of modern awards.

Union movement renews campaign on ‘wage theft’
Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary, is seeking to make job security the hot button topic at the ballot box of the next Federal Election.

Dubbed the biggest union campaign since Work Choices (as covered by the ABC’s 7.30 Report, clcik here to view), ACTU’s ‘Change the Rules’ campaign targets casual work arrangements.

“Workers in Australia can get trapped in casual employment,” says McManus. “We shouldn’t have two classes of workers … some with rights, and some without.”

The power to disrupt your business
McManus’s comments and the campaign at large have the power to disrupt employer-employee relations.

Most businesses are shocked to discover that what they’ve always done is in fact extremely risky.
Now is the time to get up to speed with your obligations, so when the Ombudsman or the union issues you a notice to produce documents, enter the premises to interview employees, or access records, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Casual misconceptions fuelling risk
Common misconceptions are rife. Are casual workers easier to hire, pay and dismiss? In many scenarios, the answer is a costly ‘no’. Every breach can bring a severe fine:
HIGH RISK: ‘Regular and systematic’ casuals slipping quietly into permanent status
The line between a true casual and a permanent employee is mired in complexity, especially when the worker is engaged on a ‘regular and systematic’ basis.

A recent Federal Circuit Court decision saw a casual labourer receive 15 years of annual leave after successfully claiming he was a permanent employee.

The bottom line: you can’t call the relationship ‘casual’ and expect that intention to prevail when a claim occurs.

Where to start: Workplace Update Seminar
I lead a team of workplace law specialists at Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors. We advise and represent thousands of businesses – and only businesses – every year.

I urge you to attend the Workplace Update Seminar where an expert from my team will address this topic in practical steps. Key discussion points include:
  • Risk assessment
  • Record keeping and employment contracts
  • Pay grades and overtime provisions
  • Conversion-to-permanent employment provisions in modern awards
  • General update on workplace legislation
Kind Regards, 

Joe Murphy
Managing Director – National Workplace
Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
Thu 10 May 2018 
7:00 - 9:00 AM
MBA Members Room - Level 2
Lvl 1/165 Lambton Road

Thu 10 May 2018 
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Singleton Diggers Club
York Street


Further queries please phone 4969 9600.

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