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COVID-19 Business Resources


Business is facing unprecedented challenges due to the escalating coronavirus emergency.

The Hunter Business Chamber has been closely monitoring advice from the federal and state health departments for guidance on how to respond to the coronavirus threat but we are also looking within the business community and our organisation for ideas on how businesses are preparing to ride out the impending slump.

I am sure most offices and businesses have by now implemented recommended health and safety procedures, and the Chamber advises all employers to keep a constant watch on the federal and state health department websites as the situation is changing rapidly.
Some websites to monitor for up-to-date business advice include the following:
We encourage all employers to support their employees where they can and to keep their businesses running where it is safe and practical to do so, whether that involves employees working from home or in the office following recommended safety and hygiene practices.
Businesses should be thinking about alternative ways of working and operating:
  • Can you implement home deliveries rather than over-the-counter transactions?
  • Can you deliver your services online?
  • Can your staff work from home or stagger their start and finish times to limit the number of people on site at any one time?
  • If staff can’t work from home, can they take advantage of an online learning or professional development opportunity while away from the office?
  • Can you step up provision of goods or services that remain in demand, while easing back on those that customer and clients may not consider essential at this time?
Businesses should think about how they can continue to service customers who might be in isolation or practising social distancing. A subtle shift in business model might help keep your business operating.

Finally, we all have an obligation as customers to do what we can to keep local business ticking over. If you are shopping online, consider buying from local businesses before you use the big online platforms. Similarly, if your household or business will benefit from the economic stimulus package announced last week, please think about spending or investing that money within the region where you can.

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