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BEAP - Business Energy Advice Program

Are rising energy costs hurting your bottom line?

Rising energy costs are hurting small businesses across Australia. That’s why the Australian Government is funding two new initiatives, under the Business Energy Advice Program (beap), that aim to help small businesses find energy savings.
Others are saving. Find out how you can too.

Interested in BEAP?

Find out if you qualify and contact Gwendalyn Burt or Dominique Sheehan via phone (02) 4969 9600 or email: /
For whatever business you’re in, our business experts can recommend tailored advice aimed at reducing your energy costs. Whether it’s understanding your energy bill, establishing energy saving habits or access to a wide range of resources, help is here.

What is BEAP?

The Business Energy Advice Program (beap) is an Australian Government initiative that allows small
businesses to access two new free and independent services: a personalised energy advice service and an online tool, to help them understand their energy saving opportunities. Visit
The Small Business Energy Check is an online benchmarking tool that assists small businesses to
compare their energy spend to similar businesses. Visit
Terms and conditions apply. Visit
The advice service is delivered by Australian Business, a division of NSW Business Chamber,
to help small businesses find energy savings.

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