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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

  Manage your apprentices and trainees


Investing in training through establishing an apprenticeship or traineeship program in your business can deliver real benefits:

  • Bring new skills into the business to increase your competitiveness
  • Prevent future skills shortages and safeguard your organisation
  • Access Government funding, incentives and rebates if eligible
  • Train staff to suit the unique needs of your business
  • Drive a culture of success 

Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre is a wholly owned division of NSW Business Chamber and has been supporting thousands of businesses and their apprentices and trainees since 1998.
Throughout our sixteen year history, we have successfully partnered with more than 80,000 businesses across NSW and ACT and signed up more than 450,000 apprentices and trainees.
Since 1 July 2015, under a new Australian Government contract, Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre is powering our new national brand, Apprenticeships Support Australia, in NSW, ACT and QLD. 
Apprenticeship Support Australia combines the 60 years of collective experience of Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre, VECCI Apprenticeships Services in Victoria and the Apprenticeships Centres of Business SA in South Australia and CCI WA in Western Australia, to deliver skills development advice and solutions to businesses and job-seekers right across Australia.

Our combined strength ensures that our customers, no matter how large or small, experience unprecedented levels of service quality and consistency, backed by access to Australia’s foremost business experts through the Business Chamber movement.

We offer employers holistic business-wide training advice and can assist in recommending suitable qualifications, advice on how to access Government funding for training, help with matching and recruitment of new staff, as well as ongoing coaching, mentoring and support of apprentices and trainees.

With 74 offices and over 400 staff around the country, we have the skills and resources to assist businesses successfully manage their training solutions and support apprentices and trainees through to completion.