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International Trade

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Our experts help you make the right connections, advising on regulations and trade documentation.

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International trade consulting

International growth is not for the faint hearted. It required planning, research and tenacity. If you aspire to conquer the world – or a little piece of it – our consultants can help you. We offer a unique blend of knowledge, experience and high level connections with international business chambers and government to make your export journey a success.

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Keen to explore growth opportunities with China, but not sure where to start?

China’s growing appetite for high quality products is an exciting prospect for Australian business. But the first steps to export success can be daunting and expensive.

Our Export Growth China program offers small businesses a unique combination of export services to overcome the hurdles in building a Chinese export business, affordably packaged. Our team of international trade experts, located in Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai, are focused on actively securing interest from a Chinese buyer – and moving you towards a lucrative sales contract.
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Accelerate into international markets with TradeStart

Whether you are a new exporter looking to make your first export sale, or existing exporters looking to conduct international trade in a new market or expand in your current markets, TradeStart can assist. 

TradeStart can help you to:

  • Assess your export capability
  • Prepare for your selected market
  • Help you visit the market
  • Provide follow-up assistance
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Compile the correct trade documentation

Understanding the right documentation is essential for smooth import and export procedures, to ensure customers clearance and facilitate duty exemptions. We help take the confusion out of compiling the correct documents and are authorized to issue Certificates of Australian Origin on behalf of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For more information on the types of export documentation, please refer to our free information resources. Still unsure on which export documentation you require? Submit an enquiry or contact our expert team on 13 26 96.

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International Trade Knowledge Base

Our library of tools, articles and whitepapers are here to help answer any of your international trade questions.

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