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Call the Business Hotline 13 26 96

Workplace Advice Line – call 13 29 59

NSW Business Chamber's Workplace Advice Line gives members direct phone access to experienced workplace specialists who can answer your questions on a range of issues, including:

  • industrial relations information
  • human resources issues
  • WHS advice
  • award provisions and interpretation
  • wage rates
  • workplace policies
  • redundancy and termination
  • leave provisions
  • workers compensation
  • creating a flexible work place.
With guidance from our specialist advisers you can make workplace decisions with confidence and resolve potential problems or issues quickly.

Some commonly asked questions

  • “What award covers my business and what is the wage rate for various jobs?”
  • “I have to retrench staff, what do I do and how much will I have to pay?”
  • “Can an employee take sick leave during their notice period?”
  • “I have a female area manager coming back from maternity leave. Her role is important and full time but she only wants to work part time. What do I do?”

For the answers to your workplace questions call 13 29 59.

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